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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Consolidation Reached! - Xmas came early!

Goooooaaaaaalllllllll!!!!!!!!! Considering it's taken me the last 6 weeks to get rid of the last nagging 3 pounds - I kind of never thought this day would come. I knew I'd get close and all, but it just wasn't happening, and quite honestly, I was getting ready to throw in the towel. Mai non, mon cherie. Today I stepped on that equally glorious and tortuous device known as the scale and saw this:

That's right, folks - technically .3 lb lower than my True Weight according to Dukan! I was totally contemplating continuing on in Cruise, despite reaching m True Weight - just for a buffer - but now that I am here. I don't think I will. I've read some people who have continued to lose weight in Consolidation. I don't necessarily think that will happen to me, but fingers crossed it does! I am anticipating gaining a couple during the water weight up and downs of the holidays - however I am hoping to lose that when I go to Zambia. Something tells me there won't be too many opportunities to get my carb on in Zambia. Plus I always lose weight when on vacation/volunteering.

Anyway, I made it. You can too. I never, ever, in a million year thought I would be back to my high school size, but here I am for real. It's insane. If you're reading this, you're probably a Dukanista, and at some point have strayed or are starting to look at chicken as though you want to bludgeon it to a second death. I know, I've been there. I might be there again some day, but hopefully not, if Pierre's theory works out. Keep going, people. It's worth it. And if y'all think I am not going to be live-blogging my first piece of fruit and first celebration meal you are out of your minds! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finally - A Whoosh!

Weight: 155.2
Daily Loss -2lb
Mood: Proud/relieved

Consolidation, you are tease with your annoying game of playing hard to get. It's not appreciated, and frankly it's immature and beneath you. I've finally re-lost the weight I put on during Thanksgiving. It took forever, but I do love a whoosh versus tiny increments over 2 weeks. I kept waiting to write another post until I had good news to share because really - how many posts can one write about "almost" being to consolidation. I just need to get there. And now I am .3lbs away! Cannot wait!

Now to bust out the crazy: I have been contemplating continuing on in cruise if and when I hit my true weight. Thoughts? That's insane, right? I know that mon ami Pierre says not to do that, but there's also a fair number of people who have. I am loving how I look, so happy with it, but I am concerned about gaining a good 4-5 back during consolidation (which appears to be the norm) and so I am thinking if I go a bit lower, I'll have a buffer.  That being said - it's taken me roughly 2 months longer than Pierre said it would for me to get to Consolidation, and frankly, I am ready to cut a fool for a piece of fruit. So maybe thinking I could continue on past my True Weight is the carb-withdrawal delirium rearing it's ugly head?

No new recipes to share this post, but I am finally finished with my semester so I'll no longer have grad school to preoccupy my time - just work and the holidays -so I anticipate some major baking over the next couple of weeks. I am thinking we need to Dukanify some of my holidays faves. Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dark Days of Post-Thanksgiving

Today's Weight: 156.8
Daily loss: .2
Mood: Frustrated and antsy

First off, happy holidays everyone! I love the holiday season and for me, December 1 kicks it off officially. Anyway, back to the holiday that we just experienced: Thanksgiving. Overall, I was really pleased with myself. While I had a goal to be in consolidation before Turkey Day, therefore able to make it a "celebration meal" - I missed that goal, but still told myself to enjoy the day. I used to watch Oprah and see people on their explaining why they are really eating, and I would think - not me, I just like food. It's delicious. About 4 months on Dukan and I now realize that I am totally an emotional eater! For this reason, I was nervous for the holiday.

We flew to the East Coast to be with my husband's family, which entailed several family dinners at restaurants and airport food, in addition to the actual Thanksgiving meal. I was really proud of myself that I had a lot of self -control. Stuck really well to Dukan, but allowed myself a fair amount of mashed potatoes and a small slice of pecan pie, and a sliver of pumpkin cheesecake.  Quite happy when I came home and the scale said I only gained 2 pounds. Knew it was water weight, and went on my merry way. One week later, and I am still trying to get off that last pound I gain, plus the .9 I have to reach (trumpets please) my True Weight.

Anyway, I had some time to bake last night, and I tried a new cheesecake recipe. Yum!  If you like cheesecake, this is for you. I've tried other Dukan recipes before and it just wasn't a good consistency. This one is. Really light and fluffy - plus it has no oat bran, so you don't blow your daily req on it! Totally PP day friendly! Enjoy!


Dukan Classic Cheesecake Recipe

*Preheat oven to 325
*Prepare pan with cooking spray (I used a 10"springform pan like I do for cheesecakes, but will use a pie plate next time to make the cheesecake have more depth )



1 package of FF Cream Cheese
6 tbsp of greek yogurt
1/2 cup of FF Sour cream
1/2 c. of Splenda (or sweetener) or to taste if you want it more or less sweet.
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. lemon juice (fresh or in the bottle)

2 eggs, separated
2 tbsp cornstarch

I've found that omitting the cottage cheese and adding in sour cream and more greek yogurt makes this cheesecake MUCH creamier and more cheesecake like - hence the reason for the changes. And definitely use a regular pie plat or cake pan - as it's thicker and much more like real cheesecake. Try it out and let me know which you like better!

Mix everything together in your Kitchenaid EXCEPT for the egg whites and cornstarch. Mix other ingredients for awhile, until the cottage cheese texture is more smoothed out (maybe 3 minutes or so on a high number) Set aside, or move batter into another bowl if you want to use your kitchenaid to beat egg whites.

Beat the egg whites until stiff, then beat in the cornstarch.  Gently fold in the egg white mixture to the rest of the batter, and move to prepared pan. Bake until fluffy and lightly golden, approximately 40 minutes, but depending on your oven, check on it at 30-35.

The cheesecake is probably good on its own, however I added some cream cheese frosting that I've used for other Dukan recipes, and added a bit of lemon zest. It was a little too lemony, and I think next time I won't use the lemon zest. Enjoy!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Less than 1lb to Consolidation!

Weight: 155.8
Daily Loss: -2.0 (literally .9lb away from consolidation! Woohoo!)
Mood: Ecstatic/Impatient

Such a roller-coaster of the last few days both in my life and on the scale, but we're back on track (knock on wood) I was a bridesmaid in a wedding over the weekend which means I was faced with non-Dukanified food for a total of 4 wedding related activities. Beauty Day at the spa where Crumbs' cupcakes were present (denied) Rehearsal Dinner at one of my fave Italian restaurants in the city( refused the bread, tiny bites of the rigatoni with vodka sauce), Wedding Day Breakfast (scram, donut holes) The Reception (I succumbed to about 35 of the most amazing tortilla chips and guacamole - but said no to the wedding cake, and had 1 glass of champers) . I felt pretty good about it. The scale had other plans. I had a +1 gain after the rehearsal, a whopping +3.2 gain after the wedding, and then -5 loss during the next 2 days. Crazy, but glad I ended up on the losing end. Terrified that carbalicious tortilla chips resulted in a 3lb gain overnight. Yikes!

Anyway, I was in need of some comfort food after the wedding (I was exhausted and had a tons of grad school work to do) and so I Dukanified McDonald's McGriddle. PS - I have never eaten a McGriddle because while I like the concept in theory, McDonald's grosses me out, except for those glorious fries...mmm....fries....  Anyway, here's the Dukan McGriddle:

The recipe is super basic - Just make my Dukan Heavenly Fluffy Pancakes WITHOUT Greek Yogurt, fry/scramble 2 eggs, and add a couple pieces of bacon. Add FFSF syrup if your heart desires. If your heart does indeed desire this, I would recommend dipping the top pancake's bottom in some syrup, and doing the same for the top of the bottom pancake, if that makes sense. That way you could pick it up if you wanted to without getting it all over. Lady, and ladies everywhere, however use a fork.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Salty Sweet Pancakes (mmm...bacon)

I've publicly stated my love of pancakes before, but I decided to take Lady's Dukan Fluffy Heavenly Pancake recipe to the next level, and add some bacon up in there.

This should surprise no one, but I love brunch. I love all breakfast food and I love eating it later in the morning so you can still sleep in. Hence, brunch is my thang. A few of my fave brunch spots here in Chicago offer a Salty Sweet Pancake option, which i basically pancakes with crispy bacon added into the batter. Genius!  Let's Duakn-ify it.

Fry up some bacon. For 2 pancakes, I'd use 2 slices. Whatever bacon you like, I try to use the center cut, lower sodium kind. Make it as crispy as you like it, and then break it into small pieces.

Then just take my recipe for the Fluffy Heavenly Pancake, which is this:

2 tbsp. of oat bran (daily req)
1 tbsp. of nonfat powdered milk( it's essential, don't use regular milk)
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tbsp of splenda
1/4 tsp. of baking powder

Mix ingredients together.  Add in bacon pieces and pour out pancakes.  When done cooking, spray with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and add 1 tbsp or so of Sugar Free Syrup.  The bacon gives it a slight salty taste combined with the sweetness of the pancake and syrup. Delish.  Bacon lovers, rejoice.

Dukan Chocolate Truffles

Weight: 157.8 (still...grrrr)
Daily loss: +.4
Mood: Antsy

Well, 4 days later and its been up .2, down .4, up .4, etc. Still trying to get back to a new lowest ever aka the Dead Sea Weight (patent pending), It'll come, I know, and this is not new for me, but I am getting antsy waiting for it.  Oh sweet consolidation, you are going to be so worth it.

Anyway, some awesome news today.  I am a bridesmaid in a wedding this coming Friday, and originally ordered a size 12 from J Crew. Lost some weight on Dukan, natch, and returned the 12 for a 10. Tried the dress on a couple weeks ago and it was a tad big. Could have taken it to get altered....but I decided to be bold and order an 8. It came over night (nothing like waiting to the last minute, Lady) and the 8 fits perfectly! I cannot believe it.  I wear an J Crew of all places. Maybe I'll post a pic of me at the wedding.

Anyway, I tried the recipe for the Dukan Chocolate Truffles that is in his French cookbook, but was translated and re-posted on Fitness Treats.  Here it is:


- 4 teaspoons of fat-reduced cocoa powder + some extra cocoa to roll the truffles
- 1 tablespoon of fat free Greek yogurt
- 5 tablespoons of powdered skim milk (essential, don't use liquid)
- 2 egg yolks
- 5 drops of butter flavor extract (doesn't come with an eye dropper, so I tried to do 5 quick tiny pours)
- 3 teaspoons of artificial sweetener

Mix everything together. Add extra powdered skim milk if necessary until the paste reaches a firm consistency. Put aside in the fridge for a few hours (according t the recipe) but honestly, I think the batter hardened up within 30 minutes.  Before serving them, roll the balls in cocoa powder. They get a tad soft as you roll them, but I would put in the freezer to firm up for a few minutes, or just put back in the refrigerator to keep. Makes 4 good size truffles.


Very good!  Very rich! 

I ate 2 right away, and saved the other 2 for the next day and kept in the fridge. The powdered milk doesn't really dissolve, hence the tiny spots of white in this photo. Next time I will try mixing in my Kitchenaid, and see if it dissolves better.  Highly recommend for the truffle lovers out there. I wouldn't skip the butter extract because it seems essential to the taste.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

100th Day!

Weight: 157.8
Daily GAIN: 1.0
Mood: Bring it, Pierre!

I knew this would happen. I called it in the air. 4 days of loss, followed by a 1lb gain. Seriously, Pierre, be more predictable. Does anyone else blame Pierre for weight gain? Anyone? Bueller? But unlike the 16 other peaks, valleys, and stagnation periods I've experienced in the last 3 months - I am not freaking out. This too shall pass. Could it be that Lady has found bliss? Let's be serious, I took a Xanax. Kidding.

For some reason, this is my process. It'll come off in a day or 2 or 5, but it will, and soon enough I'll be at consolidation! I am still feeling motivated, and I feel fantastic. I've bought a lot of new clothes since nothing fit me, and I am just feeling really toned and healthy. Working out is just as much of a help in that department as mon ami, Pierre.

Also,  due to my hair falling out like crazy, and considering I am entering my 100th day tomorrow, I thought it best to see the doc and just get a check up and check my cholesterol due to the insane amount of eggs I eat.

I'd also like to say hello to my new bleeders (blog readers)! I've seen my stats and L.A.D.Y is now being read in 14 countries around the world!  So if you're reading this, leave a comment and say hello!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dukan Pumpkin Moist Cake Recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting

Verdict:  Yummy! I like pumpkin, but I don't love it, so I would use less pumpkin next time (maybe only 1/4 c.) Will make again this fall.

Preheat oven to 350 and use nonstick spray to grease a loaf pan 
* 6 tbsp Oat Bran
* 6 tbsp Powdered Skim Milk
* 3 Egg Whites
* 1 Whole Egg
* 3/4 c. of Fat Free Greek Yogurt
* 6 tbsp Sweetener (I use Splenda)
* 1 tsp Baking Powder
* 1tsp Vanilla Extract
* 1 tsp. of Cinnamon 

* 1/2 c. pumpkin filling

* Dash of nutmeg (these last 3 ingredients can be omitted, and are just according to taste)
* Dash of Clove
* Dash of Allspice

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F. Grease loaf pan.
2. Mix Yoghurt, Egg White and Egg in your Kitchenaid
3. Add all the other ingredients and mix until well combined.
4. Pour into greased pan.
5. Bake for a total of 50 minutes, but I'd check on it depending on your oven after 30 minutes. Mine was jiggly still up until 50 minutes.
6. Cool for 10 min

7. Spread on icing

Icing Recipe:
2 oz. FF Cream Cheese  (Use more if you want more icing, I would double the recipe, I will next time!)
1 tbsp vanilla  (more or less to taste)

Dash of cinnamon to taste)
3 Tbsp sugar substitute (or to taste) 

Dukan Fluffy Heavenly Pancake Recipe w/o Greek Yogurt (honest)

I love pancakes. Any topping, wheat or buttermilk, I love 'em. I miss them dearly.  I know, I know, the Dukan Galette aka the Dukan pancake is supposed to help with that. It doesn't.  I love Greek yogurt, but I don't like my "pancakes" to taste like it. And they do with Pierre's recipe, so I set out to change that. It randomly dawned on me one day that - gasp  -why haven't I taken a simple pancake recipe, and Dukan-ified it?  I give you the best ever Dukan friendly pancake recipe. Seriously, my husband didn't know these were Dukan. They taste just as good as whole wheat pancakes. They are lighter and fluffier than the galette. Okay, enough chit chat, let's get to the 'cakes.

2 tbsp. of oat bran (daily req)
1 tbsp. of nonfat powdered milk( it's essential, don't use regular milk)
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tbsp of splenda
1/4 tsp. of baking powder

Mix ingredients together. I hope you know how to heat a pan for pancakes, so I won't include how to do that :-)

It makes 2 decent size pancakes. I spray with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and add 1 tbsp or so of Sugar Free Syrup. For those of you who are straight edge Dukan, don't get your panties in a bunch - there's less than 5 carbs in a 1/4 cup, and I only use a tbsp. But these are good enough to eat without it. Seriously. Maybe try it with a cream cheese frosting if you don't want to do syrup.Yum!

In the 150s!!! 3lbs to go!

Weight: 158.0
Daily loss: .8
Mood: Fan-freaking-tastic!

Finally, after almost 6 weeks of trying to bust out of the low 160's I have arrived (and in style) to the 150's and it feels every bit as amazing as I thought it would! Just when I thought I would step on the scale and get out of the 160's a horrid little 160.2 or, worst of all, the dreaded 160.0 would make an appearance. But finally, on a glorious Sunday morning, I basked in the glory of 159.6. I didn't believe it, so I took a picture.  Crazy? Maybe. What do you want people, it's been a long journey.

I have been drinking more green tea, trying to cut out tolerated foods that I have no self control with (cocoa) and continuing to work out. I think it's been working, but I always have a 3 day losing streak followed by minuscule up and downs for 2 weeks. No, not this time!  I am so close, feeling v. motivated to continue with the last 3 pounds until consolidation.

I've also tried out a few new recipes - quiche, pumpkin moist cake, and the best Dukan friendly pancakes you will ever have in your life. Yeah, I said it. It's truth, trust me.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dukan Key Lime Moist Cake w/ Icing Recipe

The other day I tried the recipe I found on Solothea's Blog for Vanilla Moist Cake. In an effort to say goodbye to summer and enjoy one last summery dessert, I changed around the extracts and made Key Lime Moist Cake. Delicious!

Here's the recipe (I made some modifications from Solothea's recipe) and it's easy to switch extracts or flavors to make your own:

Preheat oven to 350 and use nonstick spray to grease a loaf pan or cake pan. I used a cake pan.

* 6 tbsp Oat Bran
* 6 tbsp Powdered Skim Milk
* 3 Egg Whites
* 1 Whole Egg
* 3/4 c. of Fat Free Greek Yogurt
* 3 tbsp Sweetener (I use Splenda)
* 1 tsp Baking Powder
* 1tsp Vanilla Extract
* Dash of Cinnamon 

* 2 tbsp. of key lime juice (less or more depending on your love of key lime)

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F. Grease or line a loaf pan.
2. Mix Yoghurt, Egg White and Egg in your Kitchenaid
3. Add all the other ingredients and mix until well combined.
4. Pour into greased pan.
5. Bake for 25 minutes and then check (in a round cake pan).****NOTE: If making it in a loaf pan, I think you may need to adjust the time, after 25min in a loaf pan making it a 2nd time, it was still jiggly, so I baked for a total of 50 minutes.
6. Cool for 10 min

7. Spread on icing

Icing Recipe:
2 oz. FF Cream Cheese  (Use more if you want more icing, I would double the recipe, I will next time!)
1 tbsp key lime juice  (more or less to taste)
3 Tbsp sugar substitute (or to taste) 

It looked like it would be kinda spongey and airy and not in a good way when I took it out of the oven. But the oat bran sinks to the bottom to make a crust, and the egg mixture rises to the top, like a very moist cake.

With the icing it was soooo good. I would definitely almost double the recipe next time for the icing. On a round cake pan size, it's a thin cake, and the icing only covered as a thin layer. But it's so good, that doubling it will give it more of a frosting feel. The best part - it's basically 3 days worth of your oat bran requirement, so you can have a 1/3 of the whole cake in a day, which was about 3 slices. Amazing! Enjoy!

Day 90 - Another whoosh!

Weight: 160.2
Daily Loss: .6
Mood: Elated!

I am at a new Dead Sea weight!  Woohoo! I am praying that tomorrow is the day I finally reach the 50's, omg, I can't even think about it right now I am so excited at the mere thought of it!  To catch you up, I had my Halloween Party this  Saturday. I was a good little Dukanista and didn't cheat - no alcohol (easy) no pizza (very difficult) and none of the apple cider donut holes and Ganache Peanut Butter Balls that I made (painful). Total worth it when I stepped on the scale on Monday and again today. Had 4 days of gain, followed by a 2.4 "whoosh" on Monday, and another good loss today.

I am so anxious to get to Consolidation, or at least into the 50's that I have cut out my fat free/sugar free coffee creamer and switched to Green Tea with Splenda. I've also tried out a couple new things: Sugar Free Syrup to have with my Dukan Pancakes (Oat Bran Galette). I make them into 2 pancakes, which means they are a bit thinner, but I feel like it's more food. The brand is Vermont Sugar Free Low Calorie Syrup, and it is so good to feel like I am having carbalicious pancakes! It is fat free, made with splenda, and has 5 carbs per 1/4 cup. Now, I only use 2 tablespoons, so it's only a couple of carbs, but wow! So good to have a "carby" breakfast again!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day #86 - Father Dukan, it's been one week since my last transgression

Weight: 162.0
Daily GAIN: .2
Mood: Frustrated

Breakfast: 2 eggs
Snack: slice of Dukan Key Lime Moist Cake
Lunch: Skinless rotisserie chicken
Dinner: Salmon sashimi
Snack: FFSF Pudding

In the last few days when I haven't blogged, I lost most of the water weight from last weekend's bachelorette party (blueberry muffin, pizza, etc) however I am STILL 1.2 up from this time last week. Sad panda :-(  I have been great this week, working out, eating well, no cheats, tried out a few new recipes, continued with the upped water intake. Bubkus. Grrrr.  I've been determined to continue living my life normally despite doing Dukan, but days like this make me want to become a shut-in (minus the cats and hoarding) and just ignore all social outings and invitations. I can't believe it will take me more than a week at this point to lose that weight. That pizza was so not worth it. Blueberry muffin is debatable. No, nothing is worth more than a week's worth of penance. It's that TOM and hoping that has something to do with me holding onto this water weight. Time will tell. I still never get used to seeing random gains when you're not cheating. Sigh. Okay, Lady, time to think of the more unfortunate people in this world who have way bogger problems than a .2 gain.

Tomorrow evening we are hosting our annual Halloween party, and I just realized that a menu I created is totally non-Dukan friendly. What the hell was I thinking?! Well actually, when I spend all day cooking, I am never interested in eating said food when it gets down to it. Nonetheless, I'll eat before everyone comes to avoid temptation. Fingers crossed this weight comes off soon!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day #83 - Dukan Chocolate Cake Recipe

Weight: 163.4
Daily GAIN: 2.6 (haven't weighed since Friday morning)

Well the bachelorette party this weekend was decidedly not Dukan friendly. I didn't have a total to-hell0-with0it blow out, but I could have been better I suppose. We went to an Italian restaurant on Friday night and I managed to ignore the warm bread and olive oil, but then had half a margherita pizza. Saturday morning I had some ciabatta bread on an egg sandwich and a blueberry muffin, but managed to only have a few sips of wine on an all-day wine tasting tour. I didn't weigh on Saturday or Sunday, so no clue what the damage was, but as of this morning, it was a 2.6 gain. Hopefully the scale gets rid of most of this water weight in the next couple days and I shall continue on the yellow brick road to consolidation.

I had some free time yesterday and decided I need to start trying some new Dukan recipes, and I prefer to bake so the Dukan Chocolate Cake was the winner of the day.  I found this recipe on Fitness Treats and gave it a whirl.

Preheat oven to 400, prepare a loaf pan with nonstick spray

- 6 tablespoons oat flour
- 5 eggs
- 3 tablespoons fat free Greek yogurt
- 6 tablespoons powdered milk
- 4 tablespoons artificial sweetener (the recipe calls for 2, but I thought the batter wasn't sweet at all, so I increased time I would add more)
- 1 tablespoon baking powder
- 4 tablespoons fat reduced cocoa
- drops of flavoring of your choice: vanilla, almond, hazelnut, chestnut flavoring  (I used a tsp. of vanilla)
Mix everything together and bake for 30 min. 
My verdict: Meh.
It is pretty dense, and despite my efforts to sweeten it up, it still wasn't very sweet at all. I'd maybe add some cinnamon or other extract next time to try and give it more flavor.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day #78 - 6 pounds to go!

Weight: 161.0
Daily loss: .8

Breakfast: 2 eggs
Lunch: Salad with chicken and balsamic vinegar
Dinner:  A different salad with lots of veg and chicken and balsamic vinegar.
Snack: 2  Dukan cupcakes

So I lost .8 over night after an inexplicable gain of .4 on Day #77. I have no idea how I could possibly have water weight, given how much water (4L) I have been drinking, but that's the only explanation after a  perfect day on Wednesday. It came off this morning, and fingers crossed the losses continue tomorrow.  I am a bit nervous for this weekend as I leave for a weekend-long bachelorette party....complete with winery tours. I am not a big drinker at all, but social pressure, and already-paid-for wine tastings probably  = me having some wine. I am hoping I can stick to Dukan relatively easily on Friday night, but I know Saturday we're ordering pizza. Pizza, my nemesis (shakes fist!) I think the hotel should have a scale in the fitness room, so I am hoping to weigh in to satisfy my own curiosity although I will conveniently ignore the scale if things get out of control this weekend.  I just want to keep the losses coming, I am so close! 6 pounds to consolidation and 2 pounds to the 50s. Woohoo!  This shall be my inner mantra this weekend.  Everyone at this bachelorette party is about a size 4 and has a Bar Method body (read: toned and dancer-like) and I know we are doing a Bar Method class on Saturday morning, so at least I'll get a workout in. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day #76 - Eyes on the Prize

Weight: 161.4
Daily Loss: 1.4 (holla!)
Mood: Motivated

I decided I should add what I eat to give people ideas as to what others are eating, but also to track any correlation between certain foods and my weight.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs (in cooking spray, not butter, natch), coffee with nonfat French Vanilla Creamer

Lunch: Potbelly Farmhouse salad with nonfat dressing

Snack: FFSF Jello (Strawberry)

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with chicken tossed in and a bit of what you non-Italians call pasta sauce (it has just the tiniest bit of olive oil in it)

Snack: 2 Dukan Cupcakes

Like the Dead Sea, I am at my lowest point. Yet again. Let's hope I continue to see a few more losses this week. Still continuing on with upped water of 4L and am really trying to watch my portion control on tolerated foods. I feel really motivated to just get to consolidation already. I  have 6.5lb to go. It seems like so far away considering it's taken me a month to lose the last 6.5. Even if it does take another month (which I hope it doesn't) it'll all be worth it, right? Mmmmmmm, pancakes. Sorry my mind wandered off fantasizing about celebration meals.  Anyway, I am already under what my personal goal was, which was my wedding weight, so anything more I lose is really just gravy. I can't imagine myself in the 150s. I really can't. I am so close I can taste it, though! Speaking of -has anyone heard of these Dukan flavors found here on the Dukan Site? I just stumbled across this, and think I might try a couple. Namely the butter flavoring and possibly the blueberry. I need some sort of blueberry-ness in my life. It's been 76 days without blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, or just plain old blueberries. Pretty sure they even give prisoners blueberries in the Russian gulags. Just sayin' Pierre. Just sayin'.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day #74 - A Joyful Funeral

Weight: 162.4
Daily Loss: .8 GAIN

So today marks what should have been the day I move on to Phase 3: Consolidation. That didn't happen,

I missed a couple of days, so let me fill you in on what transpired since my last post. I had a loss on Friday - Day 72, back to where I was after the inexplicable minor gain. Then that night I went to my sister's for an Octoberfest party. I learned 2 things that night: 1) crows do not have the largest brains of the bird species yet they are the smartest  2) Popcorn is a gateway food, leading to other naughty, naughty (delicious) food.

Confession: I am a closet Dukaner. I have not come out to 99% of people because I don't want to hear the judgment on the insanity of living a carb-free life. This became a problem at this party when all of my  Judge Judy sisters were in the same room, eyeing me like a hawk, commenting on why I wasn't eating.  Aside from Bratwurst, it was CarbFest 300 (soft pretzels, popcorn, apple pie, etc) Normally, I can take a bite of something and then walk away. I thought I was in a good place, that I could handle a couple kernels of freshly popped (non-microwave) popcorn. I was so, so very wrong. A couple kernels turned into a handful. Then came the social pressure to try the homemade soft pretzels. I gave in. At this point my PV day was shot to hell, and of course I didn't have the good sense to stop it in its tracks. I decided to lean into this shitshow, and flash forward to me eating not 1 but 2 slices of Papa Johns pizza at 1am. I know - leave this page in protest and disgust.

I slept over at my sisters, and didn't inquire as to whether or not she owns a scale. Okay, fine - I was also avoiding it, knowing no good news would come from my blow-out. I am trying to just put it aside as a big mistake and learn from it, but I am coming to the realization that I have had a couple slip-ups in the last few weeks. I was near perfect for 2 months, and now I am starting to slip a bit. Granted it's only been once a week or so, but still. I shouldn't be having celebration meals until I hit Consolidation, and I won't hit it if I keep up these slip-ups.  Game face is back on for the coming week!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day #71: Why is my scale bi-polar?

Weight: 162.2
Daily Loss: .8 lb GAIN
Mood: Sad panda

An inexplicable weight gain today. I wish I was smart enough to realize that there's obviously a random up and down-ness to Dukan within a week, but I am not. And I was really hoping that my upped water intake and abstinence of tolerated foods would make me a consistent loser this week. Foiled!  

As a pick me up  - I purchased this Michael Stars feather fedora in the brown herringbone. Not quite convinced I can pull it off, but I do love it. The weight loss from Dukan has been great on its own, but it has been fantastic buying new fall essentials in a size (or sometimes 2) smaller!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day #70 - Dukan Cupcake Recipe (modified Chocolate Oat Bran recipe)

Weight: 161.4
Daily Loss: .4 lb

The losses continue! I am on a roll (and glad this one isn't on my stomach)  This is the 3rd day in a row, and I am hoping this isn't just a fluke but my conscientiousness is paying off. Cravings for tolerated foods has subsided quite a bit, which is both great and annoying. Great because I am not constantly thinking about my delicious chocolate oat bran muffins, and annoying because it means that all those science nerds are right: having sweet things makes you crave sweet things. Booooo. PS - I use the term "science nerds" affectionately - L.A.D.Y is an anti-bullying zone)

Speaking of  Chocolate Oat Bran muffins- I first read about these on Charlotte's Blog however I have no idea where they originally came from - maybe from Charlotte, I dunno. I tried about 12 batches and they were good, kept making them, but they were spongy/healthy/weird consistency muffins. Great for a carb free diet, but would probably not eat them if I wasn't on the Dukan't So I futzed with the recipe a bit and converted it to "American" measurements and alas, it's an actual cupcake! I've passed this out to a few friends on Dukan't and even my nieces and nephews like them. Delicious and nutritious!

Here's the recipe:

Preheat oven to 350, line muffin tin with baking cups. 

FYI - This recipe makes 12 full size cupcakes, if you want 6 full size, just cut it in half. Two cupcakes give you your daily oat bran requirement

Mix (preferably in a blender or kitchenaid, not by hand) the following:
1 c. of splenda (it's best to get the bag of it, so you don't have to open a ton of packets)
1c. Oat bran
4 1/2 tsp. of baking powder
1/2 c. cocoa powder (less if you want them less chocolaty, but I'd try this recipe first, and then futz to your liking)
4 eggs
1 c. fat free milk
1 tbsp of vanilla
1 tsp of cinnamon (or more or less, or omit, depending on your love of cinnamon)

Mix until well blended, making sure the oat bran hasn't settled at the bottom.

Pour into the muffin tins. When pouring, make sure you use a spatula to pull the oat bran from the bottom of the bowl out the spout, sort of dragging out the oat bran,otherwise some of your muffins will have no oat bran, and the last few will be all oat bran. Make sense?

Bake for 27-30 minutes, depending on how soft you like 'em. Let cool for 5 minutes, then remove from muffin tin and  let cool completely before storing. Loosely cover to store. They get a little tacky as the days go by, but that's normal, just like regular cupcakes. 

THEY ARE SERVED BEST RIGHT OUT OF THE OVEN! But obviously, this only happens when you make them, so I heat each muffin in the microwave for like 12 seconds, cause I like everything warm. Yum.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day #69 - "The Whoosh" Came!

Weight: 161.8
Daily Loss: 1.2 
Mood: Fan-freaking-tastic

I have been in a holding pattern for 2 1/2 weeks, not budging within 1/2 pound of 163, so today's downward movement is amazing!

During the last couple of weeks I found Solothea's Blog and she had a post about her stagnation and how after 2 weeks she just lost 2 pounds overnight - like a big "Whoosh."  I read that wondering why the hell it wasn't happening to me, but  it finally did! Perseverance definitely paid off, fingers crossed it stays that way and I don't jump back up tomorrow.

I am finding that the upped water intake is starting to curb my tolerated foods cravings too.  Bottom line: I think when we hit stagnation, we really just need to change it up and figure out what's going to work for us as individuals. This *appears* to be working, but I'd like to continue testing it for the full week before I go having a parade.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day #68 - Back to normal

Weight: 163.0
Daily Loss: 1.6 
Anxiety Level: Solid green, baby

Woot! I am relieved that the Cheeseburger and lobster bisque are now a fond memory and off my thighs thanks to the insane amount of water I am drinking.  Not sure if it's that or the lack of tolerated foods, or both, but either way, I am a happy camper to be back to where I was. I am still the same weight as I was 2 1/2 weeks ago which is *very* frustrating, but at least I am not up anymore.

Definitely think the tolerated foods are a big thing for me. I am craving those oat bran muffins at night, and desperately want something sweet. I think the no tolerated foods thing is working for me, hence today's loss. That being said, I seriously view tolerated foods as the sole keeper of my sanity.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day #67 - Happy Birthday to Me

Weight: 164.6
Daily loss: .8 GAIN
Anxiety Level: RED

Not a fun birthday surprise waking up and discovering this news.  Silver lining: lesson learned to not cross Dr. Dukan. He is a vengeful lover. I am not shocked, considering I ate lobster bisque and a McDonald's cheeseburger. After more frantic google searches about what exactly to do now that my attack was an epic fail, I finally found some news at what could be the problem on this forum

I decided to regroup, and figure out what the culprit is. Be systematic and isolate the problem. I don't keep a food diary because I can get crazy pills with those, but I did some thinking and realized that maybe I am eating too many "tolerated foods."  

Here's my tolerated foods that I eat normally:

1) Chocolate Oat Bran Muffins that I found on Charlotte's Dukan Blog which have a bit of cocoa in them. I modify this recipe, and will post soon.

2) Low fat string cheese (it's a godsend for people who work out of their car and have no access to a fridge)

3) Fat free sugar free Hot chocolate with nonfat milk

4) Fat Free Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding with a bit of Fat Free Cool Whip

I'll have a string cheese almost every day, as well as the oat bran muffins (since they give me my oat bran allotment) and then I'll have a sweet treat like the hot chocolate OR the pudding at night. Never more than one treat a day.But maybe my portion sizes are off?

 So in addition to cutting my tolerated foods, except the string cheese -a life without string cheese is a life I don't want to live -  I am going to up my water intake. I have about 3 liters per day, pre -Dukan and now, which seems like too much already. But nonetheless, I am upping it to 4 liters. If anyone's looking for me, I'll probably be in the bathroom. Fingers crossed!

Day #66 - Wedding Bells and Dukan Blues

Weight: 163.8
Daily loss: .6 lb GAIN
Anxiety Level: Orange

Holy hell.I just completed 5 full days of attack and in addition to the .6 I actually gained while on attack, my bod decided to throw in an extra .6 lb for good measure - just to show me who's boss.

I had a friend's wedding last night and I was digging really deep to not feast on 17 slices of wedding cake after the world's most frustrating couple of weeks. While I tried to eat before the wedding to prevent any temptation, I was still hungry by the time we sat down to dinner. Does anybody feel social pressure when eating out with people while on Dukan? And by pressure I mean, not wanting to feel like "that girl" who's on a special diet and feels the need to tell everyone at her table about it. So you kinda feel like you need to eat "normally" so you don't look like you have some sort of bizarre eating disorder? I totally have this issue. Usually, I just eat out with my friend Thrillcat who is also on Dukan't (as we affectionately call it) but here I was at a table of almost strangers. I was hungry, I was at a low point, and then they served lobster bisque. 

Before I knew what was happening I had eaten almost the whole cup. It was delicious. I felt a pang of guilt, as I am not a cheater, but I was hungry. I managed to ignore the warm basket of bread in front of me, as well as the waiters constantly dropping by to fill everyone's glasses with champagne. I love champers. But I had none. Flash forward to midnight when I was the only sober person in a room of 300 (the WORST) and they are serving McDonald's cheeseburgers.  Clarification for people who are wondering what kind of backwoods wedding I am at that serves both lobster bisque and McDonald's: McDonalds corporate headquarters is just outside of Chicago and they have ballrooms for events like weddings and corporate gigs on their campus. As a fun midnight snack, they serve fresh McDonald's. Despite one's feeling about the faux food that is McDonald's, at the headquarters, the burgers are actually good, and resemble actual meat.  You see where this is going. I downed one, and it was pretty, pretty good, as Larry David would say. I knew I would pay for it, but it was the first time in 60 something days that I cheated on Dr. Dukan.  Was it a super hot, totally worth it, passionate affair? No. But a 6 hour wedding with nothing to eat but lobster bisque, a small salad, and some chicken - a girl's gotta take what she can get. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

In case you were wondering...

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I started this blog because I have been doing the Dukan Diet for just over 2 months and and nearing the promise land - consolidation. I cannot wait to have a piece of fruit and some high fiber bread up in here! But I digress. I noticed that a lot of people whose blog I either followed or occasionally saw in my google searches seemed to peter out and there are not many left in consolidation or beyond.

I had been cruising along (pun intended) just fine, at a slow and gradual pace which I much prefer over losing it fast and furious. But then something happened. I just stopped losing. I maintained for 4 days, so I re-booted and went back on attack. After 3 full days on Attack I had only lost .6lb. The next day, on the final day of Attack, I GAINED .6LB. I was horrified. What was happening?!

I immediately went to the batmobile (Google) and furiously started searching key phrases like "what happens when your re-boot of attack doesn't work?" "2 week stagnation - wtf?" and I found very few blogs/people who were going through this same experience. And if I did find them, they repeated what Dukan says, keep the faith, up your water, up your walking, etc. I was doing all of that, and it wasn't working. I needed help and fast, dammit.

This made me have a crisis of faith. I am currently at my lowest ever in my adult life, however Dr. Dukan says my True Weight is 8lb less than that! Equal parts thrilled and terrified at that prospect. This 2 week stagnation/gain made me consider that maybe Dukan is wrong, maybe this is as low as Lady can go. And if so, that's fine. But call me crazy, or just a woman, but there's no way one can dangle a loss of 8lbs in front of you and not go for it, right?

So I decided to start my own blog for regular Dukan people who may be going through the same thing, and perhaps I'll come up in your crazed 3am google searches. I am a bit concerned as to how much info reader(s) need to know about me, and I feel kinda weird having my weight and pics out there for god knows who in Yugoslavia to see. That being said, I love seeing all of this on other people's blogs and getting a sense of who they are. I mean, really, what good is it that I know you lost 20 pounds if I don't know your goals/body type. Or if you are 6'1" and 400lb or 5'1"and 100lb. PS - if the latter -stop dieting, and eat something. So here's some info on me:

Height: 5'4

Weight (at start of Dukan): 176.6

Weight loss (as of today): 14.8

True Weight: 155

Normal size: 12/14 depending

Current size: 10-12 depending

I am someone who has struggled with my weight my whole life. I have never been "thin" and commonly described as "solid" - ugh - super flattering, right? I am very athletic. I swam for my most of my life, I run, I do triathlons, all in the name of trying to lose the weight that makes me look way unhealthier than I actually am. I have a lot of muscle on me and I am in good shape. That being said, I don't LOOK like I am, and it drives me crazy. It's that "fit but fat" phenomenon. I am a highly motivated, goal-oriented person. If I commit to something, I do it. I am not a cheater on a diet, and I am not someone who overestimates how much they work out. I roll my eyes at naturally thin people who couldn't point out an elliptical if it bit bit them in the ass, and insist it's all about calories in versus calories out. NOT. FOR. EVERYONE. Sigh. Anyway, that's me. Dukan has worked well for me, since I like structure and I have insane willpower. That's also why this stagnation crap is killing me, because I am not doing anything "wrong." Stay tuned...