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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Decisions, decisions....

So it's been 6 weeks since my last post. Oops. Life gets busy. I've been on a 4 week break from grad school, so that means I've had just my full time job, husband, and the rest of my life to worry about. Even though that's a lot, I am constantly amazed at how much free time I have when I'm not reading or writing papers. I've been doing a lot of DIY projects around the house and stalking Pinterest - living' the dream. 

Anyway, I have been putting off writing a post because I was trying to decide what to do/what to write about. Last I left it - I was still Dukan-ifying Weight Watchers. Well Week 2 was successful, as was Week 3 and by the time a full month came around - I was down 7 pounds and eating more and more carbs and less protein. Decidedly not-Dukan. But I was losing! It took some time for me to grasp the concept that carbs aren't the worst thing ever for weight loss because I was losing while eating them. Mind you - this was after I had gained weight while I was still 100% Dukan. 

I am still above my TW of 154. I have been bouncing between 160.5 and 162 for a couple weeks -but I feel great about it. I am not obsessing. I am working out, and feeling really healthy and strong. I am not obsessing about carbs, or veggies, or fruit. I am just eating what I want when I want it - and counting my WW points. It's working, and while I would love to say I'm in the 50's again....if I don't get back to it (shrugs) oh well. I feel great and have spent so much less mental energy on my weight as of late - it's been positively delightful.

So I am unsure as to what I want to do with this blog. I don't know how much more I have to say on this topic since I am pretty much off Dukan, and it feels weird writing a blog about something that I am no longer doing, and therefore not creating recipes for either. But I do love the idea of people who are in the thick of Dukan and using those recipes and reading about my trials and triumphs.  

Perhaps I'll continue to post occasionally. Maybe not. Time will tell.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 1 of Dukanifying Weight Watchers - Success!

I love when I am right (well, who doesn't really?)! First week of Getting my Dukan on all over Weight Watchers and I lost 4 pounds! Woohoo!

I know you're supposed to only weigh in once a week on WW, however Dukan has made me fall in love with daily weigh ins to keep me on track - and so I have been continuing daily weigh ins, and every day this week- it went down. Every. Single. Day.  No random 2 pounds gain overnight for no explicable reason, no telling myself I am just retaining water. It was nice. A much needed respite.

Anyway, back to me being right....I think my body just needed some re-booting after hitting a plateau. And if I learned anything this week, it's that I was eating too much on Straight Dukan...because I could. By counting my points, it's helped me to see how much I should healthfully be eating, without going overboard just because I can. 

I also saw an uptick in my fruits and veggies since they are 0 points. I know I should only have 1 piece of fruit a day, but I am done drinking that Kool Aid. Fruits are not my enemy. 

Dukan clearly worked for me, but I am trying to embrace a more long-term healthy way of eating. In my time on consolidation I am learning that I am in danger of gaining it all back, and so something has to give. I am hoping this hybrid approach works for me and not just because it's something new to my body.  Fingers crossed for an overall loss for Week 2!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dukanifying Weight Watchers

Daily Weight: 168.4 (Yeah, you read that right...HOLY HELL)

I have put on about half of the weight I lost on Dukan. HALF. To be fair, about 2 - 2.5 pounds of this is most likely water weight, as I had a tough workout yesterday, didn't drink enough water, and ate 1 slice extra of bread.

Regardless, I have been struggling to lose the 5 -6 pounds I have put on above my own personal goal weight (Dukan has me at a TW of 155 - hogwash). After entirely too much time and lost sleep racking my brain trying to figure this out, I have decided that my body is plateauing and then making it that much more difficult to lose the slight gains. In addition, I do Bar Method for my work out, which I know I have referenced on here, but I am unsure of how many people know what it is. It's a total body & ballet-inspired workout done at a barre and basically requires you to hold certain positions until your muscles literally shake and quake from exhaustion. You feel the burn...everywhere. It gets your heart rate up for cardio, but also lengthens and tones your body. Here's more info:

It definitely has lengthened my thighs and given me more toned arms than ever before, however I was wondering if this could be a partial culprit for my weight gain.  One of my friends is not only an instructor but an owner of a franchise, and she said that it's common for people who take classes 4-5 times per week (like I do) to put on weight and clothes to feel tighter because you are building muscle on top of muscle, but after a couple months a transformation starts to happen where your body changes. Fingers crossed!

I think that happened to me in October/November last year. I was doing Dukan, but I was stagnating and not losing, so frustrating, and I was taking my Bar Method classes about 3-4 times /week. Then one day, I went down 1 size in a week, followed by another size a week later, but the scale only moved like 3 pounds.  Then life got busy with school and work, the holidays and Africa, and I fell off my classes. Coming back into it now 4-5/week , makes me wonder if she's right, and that the same thing is happening.

Anyway, I digress. I feel fairly certain that I need to shake things up, and my body is begging for something different. So....I am going back to Weight Watchers! I decided to take a look at what I was eating in a given day, and then add up the points (I did WW for years prior to Dukan) In a given day I ate  36 points, when I should have had only 26!  I realize it's a different system and a different way of thinking than Dukan, but still, it made me think that maybe I am eating too much on Dukan since I am still pretty restricted.

So, I thought I'll be a genius and basically do Dukan, but within the WW points system. Fingers crossed this experiment sees a tipping of the scales! I have had a perfectly Dukan day today, and still have half my points left. Stay tuned.....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuck in a Weight Rut

Daily weight: 164.6
Mood: Frustrated

I cannot shake this weight that I put on, and perhaps even more maddeningly, I don't understand why I am at my heaviest, when I am have been doing my best, and not even enjoying all the foods that I technically can in Consolidation.  Sigh.

Let me catch you up...Ever since I landed in consolidation around the holidays, then went to Africa, I have put on about 5 pounds from my True Weight. Then I went OFF THE RAILS. Gained a few more pounds (now I was into the low 160s) Buckled down, and a bit of it came off. Started working out again, really started eating Cruise phase style, and have managed to gain weight, and now maintain the gained weight. I am 10 POUNDS above my True Weight, and I. CANNOT. SHAKE. IT.  So frustrating, and I am sorry if I sound like a broken record, I am  just really frustrated.

My husband started weight watchers (which I did for years and maintained my former weight) and I am reminded of how healthy weight watchers can be if you do it right. I am so desperately trying to get off the weight I put on, that I am not eating the fruit and whole grain bread that I worked so hard to enjoy. I tried an attack phase. No budging. I upped the water and tea. Nada.  I know I went through almost a month long period in Cruise with this frustration, but at least then I was losing, and just maintaining - this round I have gained and am unable to lose it.

And sadly, the blogosphere is not much help. Those who are in consolidation and still blogging haven't had this problem, and those who maybe have no longer seem to be blogging. It feels very depressing and lonely. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ham & Egg Cups

Weight: 164.6 (Yikes)
Mood: Struggling

Uggggghhhhhh. I'm stuck in a rut. I've been on a 3 day cycle for weeks now - 3 days of perfect Dukan, followed by 3 days of celebrations meals.  Due to this cycle I can't get past the hump of my post vacation gain. In an effort to just cut the crap and get back down to business, I am going to start eating more PP meals, and flushing myself out with green tea. Hopefully the weight loss from that will keep me motivated.

I even had traitorous thoughts about going to Weight Watchers.  I know. I told you I am not in a good place.  Well, my hell is your good fortune, and here's a new recipe for you - Pure Protein.  Is saw it on Pinterest via The Simple Delights Blog and I have no idea why I didn't think of this sooner. Delicious!

Ham and Egg Cups

Photo is not mine and is from

Preheat oven to 400
Spray a muffin tin (for however many you're going to make)
Place 1 piece of ham in a muffin tin, then crack and egg inside the "ham cup"
Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Bake for approximately 12 minutes. Yolk is a tiny bit runny and the white is almost all set. Bake for more or less time depending on how well you like your eggs. I scrambled the eggs and then put them in the ham cups for my husband since he hates yolk. That takes around 13-14 minutes.

You can garnish with some cheese and scallions if you want. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Before and After Pics: In Need of Motivation

Daily Weight 161.6
Mood: Erratic mood swings from total peace with where I am at to desperate to get back to my
           True Weight.

 I have been eating relatively well, with my celebration meals usually just once weekly, sometimes twice a week depending on the week's social activities, and I have been going to my beloved Bar Method classes, and am feeling really strong and healthy.....sometimes. After a bar method workout and a solid day or two of eating super Dukan, I feel like I am at peace with my weight, and maybe it's not realistic for me to think I could maintain my Dead Sea Weight aka True Weight of 155 - which (if any of you regular readers remembers - I have been suspicious of this entire Dukan Year.  Then the next day I eat a spoonful of peanut butter, sneak a few of my husband's fries, and chastise myself for these tiny cheats and remind myself of why I am not at my True Weight still.

Truth is, it's really hard to taste "normal" food once a week, and then just shut that part off of my brain for the rest of the week. I don't know if my body is capable of maintaining 155 - I don't think so, and I am sure it "is" but I don't think I want that life. I am in the same size of clothing (8 or 10, depending) as I was when I was at my True Weight, and that's what I care most about. Not my weight. Sigh. Trust me, I'll feel differently tomorrow!

Anyway, in an effort to give myself some more motivation for just eating really healthfully, in addition to Dukan (I think we all know that these two are not always the same thing- hello 4 string cheeses for lunch) I thought I'd post some before and after pics to remind myself where I've come from, and to not sweat the stupid 6 pounds.
This is me last Christmas (2010) size 12/14 approximately 180 pounds. A-line dresses were all I wore, hides the hips and thighs, ya know?

Amid my closet clean out of "fat clothes" in December 2011 approximately 156 pounds. These jeans were  size 14.

Yesterday (February 2012) - Dress is a size 8, approximately 161 pounds. Never used to wear form fitting dresses, now I love them.

I hope this helps not only me, but all of you who are trying to get back on track, or trying to find the willpower and motivation to keep going. It works, we know it, but life happens, and sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack, right? PS - I must say, I love me in this dress!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing The Dukan Fro-Yo Popsicle

Weight: 162.2
Daily Gain: 1.2lb (grrrr)
Mood: Guilt

So I am a day late, posting a new sweet treat recipe. Sorry! I was too busy gorging on a bowl of 94% fat free popcorn. Yeah, you read that right. Blew a perfect Dukan Consolidation Day at 10:00pm. Ugh.  Oh well, tomorrow's another day. I know popcorn is straight carb,  but 1.2 pounds overnight? Kinda harsh.  Here's hoping that water weight comes whooshing off tomorrow.

Anyway, is there a person alive who is on Pinterest and doesn't love it? I doubt it. I was browsing around and saw this recipe for Greek Yogurt popsicles. Granted, it's freezing outside right now in February, but I haven't played with any new Dukan recipes in awhile and these looked like these could be easily Dukanified since the only problem ingredient was honey. And they were! Note: this has fruit in it since those of us in consolidation can have fruit daily, BUT this can easily be modified for Attack and Cruise. Also, I used popsicle molds, but you can use ice trays and toothpicks or lollipop sticks in a pinch. Here's the easy peezy recipe:

Makes 6 Dukan Fro-Yo Popsicle:

2 cups of Fat Free Greek Yogurt
1 cup of Splenda (or to taste. Start with 1/2 c. and see if that's enough for you.)
1/2 cup of fruit of your choice (I used frozen mixed berries and chopped them for 10 seconds in my food processor, but that's just because I am chunk-averse)

Note: For Attack and Cruisers -  add in some vanilla and cinnamon to taste for a fruit- free Fro-Yo

Stir the Splenda into the Greek Yogurt, if using fruit, fold in. I chopped it up and stirred it up to create few chunks and have the berry taste all around. If you like fruit chunks, gently fold in.

Poor into the molds (or ice trays) leave at least 1/4" of space because they expand a bit. Freeze for at least 2 hours (I think 3 or more is preferred) and enjoy! Let the popsicle thaw for a few minutes before trying to remove the mold.

 If using ice trays and toothpicks, fill the ice trays and then add the toothpicks (duh) but I would think lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks would be easier. Popsicle molds can be bought for like $5 on Amazon, and then you never need to buy sticks.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Consolidation Yo-Yo

Today's Weight: 161.0
Mood: Meh.

I have been trying to get back on track since the end of January when I returned from Africa and so far I've had a tiny bit of success.  I've taken off 2 pounds (yay) but I am still 6 pounds over my True Weight. According to Lady's Sane Weight  - that's what I am calling my weight I feel that I can healthily and readily maintain - I need to lose a couple more to get back into the sweet spot of the 150s.

I think my biggest issue with Consolidation is the sudden change to having more flexibility. The therapist in me knows that I crave, nay - need the structure of Attack and Cruise. This loosey-goosey style of Consolidation is throwing me. I need to better plan my celebration meals, and stick to a schedule that I can plan for ahead of time. Giving into an insane schedule and laziness in the kitchen on a Tuesday night results in ordering take out...despite knowing I have dinner plans on Saturday with friends that I should have reserved my celebration for.

So still feeling great and loving my new size, and half feeling annoyed that I added 6 pounds since mid December...knowing that 6 pounds is that much closer to adding it all back on. But then the other part of me is not wanting to be "that girl" crying in her Nonfat Greek Yogurt over  a measly 6 pounds.

Sigh. The struggle continues. Determined to get back to the 150s!  I am determined to post a new Dukan Dessert recipe tomorrow in honor of the "holiday" that seems intent on making all women feel that they need to gorge on chocolate. Fingers crossed I succeed so we can all just say no to boxed carbs.

Anyone having the same troubles in Consolidation? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back from Africa (with my tail between my legs)

Daily Weight: 163.1
Mood: Annoyed at myself, but choosing to use this as motivation!

Hello bleaders! I returned from Zambia & South Africa just over 2 weeks ago and I have been OFF THE RAILS since then. When I returned from my trip, I stepped on the scale and had gained 2 pounds. Who's got two thumbs and GAINS weight eating African food? This girl. I was totally planning on losing a couple pounds from the holidays while on this trip, but the food was pretty good and I ate chips (fries for those of us who speak American) a few times and indulged in a few non-diet Cokes. Yikes.  Anyway, the shitshow did not stop there. I continued eating too many carbs. One day I would have pizza, telling myself it's my celebration meal - I am in consolidation, I've earned it. Then the next day I was eating a cheeseburger with a bun, telling myself the exact same lie, and that tomorrow would be the day I returned to the Dukan Way.  Then I had a root canal and could only eat soft food for a few days -flash forward to Lady eating milkshakes and ice creams once a day for 3 days. Amidst this insanity, my scale broke. I swear! It was great timing though...allowed me to ignore the scale for a few days until I bought a new one.

Wash, rinse, and repeat for the last 2 weeks - and you get my drift. In my delicious meltdown, I also neglected this blog, and my apologies for that. You all keep me honest, and I remember how I felt when I would read people's blogs and then they disappeared after consolidation. Hated that. So, I vow to continue to write as often as I can about the good, bad, and the fugly of consolidation.  I bought a new scale yesterday, stepped on it first thing this morning, and that sad, sad number of 163.1 popped up. That's 8 pounds over my True Weight. Although I am trying to be realistic and mentally healthy -so I am totally fine with my weight being anywhere below 159.9.

My plan is to eat consolidation style perfectly for the next few days, and hopefully this water weight will come off and I will stabilize again. I am not shocked that I did better with the strict attack and cruise phases. Give me an inch and I will take 127 miles. Structure and I are besties, and the loosey-goosey style of consolidation is tripping me up. Sigh. Minor setback, but I am getting back on track.

Onto more pleasant topics, here's some of my fave pics from my trip!  I did a mini-safari, walked with lions and did shark cage diving when I wasn't working. Amazing!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Greetings from Zambia!

Weight: no clue i am in freaking Zambia!

I am sorry I haven't posted in forever! With the holidays and then leaving for Africa right after, it's been difficult to find time to post or fiddle with new recipes. First off I was on consolidation for almost 2 weeks before I left and it was going well. I lived having celebration meals for the holidays and I may have indulged a bit too much and before I left my weight was 158.0 (3.5lbs more than my TW) but I felt like it was well deserved and with going to Zambia I assumed I would lose a couple pounds since I will not be eating my usual fair- but theres no temptations here either. that being said I have had some carbs I shouldn't have simply because fruits and veggies are off limits here due to the water they are washed with being undrinkable therefore making those items a no no unless you want intestinal issues. Yuck. So I have tried for mainly protein but you gotta do what ya gotta do, right? Hence the chips that I have eaten several times that I shouldn't have. I was hungry and not eating veggies has been really hard!

Upon my return next week I really want to hunker down and get serious about consolidation. I can see how it could get really out of control and understand how some people gain it all back. I am determined not to so to be fair I think I may start consolidation at day 1 when I return just to be fair and do the full 100 days I am supposed to. I look and feel better than I have since high school and I don't want to lose that. Hope you all had great holidays and continue on your path of a better you in 2012!