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Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuck in a Weight Rut

Daily weight: 164.6
Mood: Frustrated

I cannot shake this weight that I put on, and perhaps even more maddeningly, I don't understand why I am at my heaviest, when I am have been doing my best, and not even enjoying all the foods that I technically can in Consolidation.  Sigh.

Let me catch you up...Ever since I landed in consolidation around the holidays, then went to Africa, I have put on about 5 pounds from my True Weight. Then I went OFF THE RAILS. Gained a few more pounds (now I was into the low 160s) Buckled down, and a bit of it came off. Started working out again, really started eating Cruise phase style, and have managed to gain weight, and now maintain the gained weight. I am 10 POUNDS above my True Weight, and I. CANNOT. SHAKE. IT.  So frustrating, and I am sorry if I sound like a broken record, I am  just really frustrated.

My husband started weight watchers (which I did for years and maintained my former weight) and I am reminded of how healthy weight watchers can be if you do it right. I am so desperately trying to get off the weight I put on, that I am not eating the fruit and whole grain bread that I worked so hard to enjoy. I tried an attack phase. No budging. I upped the water and tea. Nada.  I know I went through almost a month long period in Cruise with this frustration, but at least then I was losing, and just maintaining - this round I have gained and am unable to lose it.

And sadly, the blogosphere is not much help. Those who are in consolidation and still blogging haven't had this problem, and those who maybe have no longer seem to be blogging. It feels very depressing and lonely. 


  1. Well... I'm not really going through this. I went on vacation a few weeks ago, but on 8 lbs and it will not budge! But I'm still in the Cruise phase. The wonderful thing about blogging is that you can say whatever you want, as many times as you want. This is your on-line "diary", and we chose to be part of that, so pour your guts out! Who knows what part of what you are saying that might be just what someone needs to hear!