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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dukanifying Weight Watchers

Daily Weight: 168.4 (Yeah, you read that right...HOLY HELL)

I have put on about half of the weight I lost on Dukan. HALF. To be fair, about 2 - 2.5 pounds of this is most likely water weight, as I had a tough workout yesterday, didn't drink enough water, and ate 1 slice extra of bread.

Regardless, I have been struggling to lose the 5 -6 pounds I have put on above my own personal goal weight (Dukan has me at a TW of 155 - hogwash). After entirely too much time and lost sleep racking my brain trying to figure this out, I have decided that my body is plateauing and then making it that much more difficult to lose the slight gains. In addition, I do Bar Method for my work out, which I know I have referenced on here, but I am unsure of how many people know what it is. It's a total body & ballet-inspired workout done at a barre and basically requires you to hold certain positions until your muscles literally shake and quake from exhaustion. You feel the burn...everywhere. It gets your heart rate up for cardio, but also lengthens and tones your body. Here's more info:

It definitely has lengthened my thighs and given me more toned arms than ever before, however I was wondering if this could be a partial culprit for my weight gain.  One of my friends is not only an instructor but an owner of a franchise, and she said that it's common for people who take classes 4-5 times per week (like I do) to put on weight and clothes to feel tighter because you are building muscle on top of muscle, but after a couple months a transformation starts to happen where your body changes. Fingers crossed!

I think that happened to me in October/November last year. I was doing Dukan, but I was stagnating and not losing, so frustrating, and I was taking my Bar Method classes about 3-4 times /week. Then one day, I went down 1 size in a week, followed by another size a week later, but the scale only moved like 3 pounds.  Then life got busy with school and work, the holidays and Africa, and I fell off my classes. Coming back into it now 4-5/week , makes me wonder if she's right, and that the same thing is happening.

Anyway, I digress. I feel fairly certain that I need to shake things up, and my body is begging for something different. So....I am going back to Weight Watchers! I decided to take a look at what I was eating in a given day, and then add up the points (I did WW for years prior to Dukan) In a given day I ate  36 points, when I should have had only 26!  I realize it's a different system and a different way of thinking than Dukan, but still, it made me think that maybe I am eating too much on Dukan since I am still pretty restricted.

So, I thought I'll be a genius and basically do Dukan, but within the WW points system. Fingers crossed this experiment sees a tipping of the scales! I have had a perfectly Dukan day today, and still have half my points left. Stay tuned.....

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