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Saturday, November 2, 2013

On the yellow brick road...

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since my last post, and I am still on Dukan!  Since my last post, life has quieted down. I started Dukan Take 2 in April......and stopped shortly thereafter. I went back on Weight Watchers, wanting less rigidity than Dukan. I dropped the tiniest bit of weight. I started doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred every day before work at 5am. Still nothing. In fact, I was gaining weight. Not just a little....about 10 pounds! In case you're wondering, this is about 10 pounds MORE than where I was when I STARTED Dukan in 2011. 

I know what you're thinking: 'how is that possible? Lady, you are a big fat liar, and were cheating.' To say I was frustrated is along the same lines as saying that a hurricane is just a spot of rain. After 10 pounds, immeasurable amounts of frustration and buckets of tears, I realized that in all of the chaos of this spring and early summer, I had somehow stopped taking my thyroid medication. We moved, my prescription ran out, I changed jobs and insurance, and that all equaled me not renewing my prescription and completely forgetting about it. Finally got to a doctor, and I am back on my meds.

I've managed to lose the 10 pounds I put on due to my thyroid issue.  I got on the meds in September, and have lost 10 pounds in the last 7 weeks. Woohoo! That being said, I am back to where I started in 2011, but hey - gotta start somewhere, right?

Now that I am back on my thyroid medication, I have been doing a Dukan Redux. It's been going pretty well, however  have noticed that I am not nearly as regimented as I was when I did it the first time. I never cheated before. Ever. Now I have a couple almonds, a handful of 97% fat free popcorn when my husband has it, etc. I definitely see the impact on the scale.

While I am glad I am (mostly) back on track -I've been fartin' around with these little cheats, I haven't been losing as quickly as I should be. So apparently I need the rigidity and structure that Dukan provides. I can't have the little cheats that (I feel) don't matter in the long run. I need to be all in. No more dipping toes in the water. And I need to get my ass movin' with exercise.

I need to fit into my "thin clothes" I bought after I lost all that weight in early 2012. Plus I am a bridesmaid in a wedding this coming May. I have motivation. I just need to do it. I'm not punishing myself for past mistakes, I am just looking forward. I saw this pic on Pinterest and it really resonated with me.

So let's do it people. Whether you're new to Dukan, losing weight fast and furious, struggling in a Take 2, 3 (or 12) - we can only start from where we're at, and move forward. 

Ready. Set. Go!